For about 500 years ago, there were people from Tinn, Telemark who owned this area by the river, which they often called Holmalågen after the approximately 60 islands in the water.

With an acreage of 10.88 square kilometers, Nordmannslågen is one of the largest lakes on Hardangervidda.


For the most part the lake is not deeper than 2 to 3 meters, only a smaller area outside Besso has a depth of over 10 meters. Since the water is so shallow, it comes much light to the sandy bottom, providing excellent growing conditions for shield crayfish and marflo. These small crustaceans’ animals are excellent food for mountain trout, and lay the foundation for the large fine trout Nordmannslågen/river is renowned for.


Nationally Besso is rated as one of the best fishing and hunting areas in the country. Average weight of the catch of trout in the Smith River is about 800 gr and bold and beautiful trout about 1000 and 750 gr.
It may be mentioned that in the summer of 2006, a trout of 4.0 kg was caught right next to Besso! There are also several fishing lakes in the near surroundings.


Besså river, that flows right by the cottage, is also good place for fishing. Here you can get trouts as they begin to swim up the river to find spawning areas from mid-august.


After a 15 min walk upriver you reach Bessovatnet. Here you can catch lots of small sized fish. From there you are guided through the great Dimmedalen, which has Hardangervidda's richest flora / flowering, and up to Dimmedalsvannet.


Here you’ll find great fishing opportunities for trout of mainly 600-900 grams. In the surrounding area there are many small and large ponds with trout around 1 and 2 kg.


Please ask at the reception for directions to - and about fishing in these ponds.


Velcome to a first class fishingexperience–There is enough fish for everyone!!