Besso Touristlodge is named after the river that flows next to Besso. The river again have probably got its name after the word "bear."
So it is likely that our ancestors encountered bears in this area.

Archaeologists have uncovered that people lived around Normann river already five to six thousand years ago!


The large quantities of stones and the remains of tool they have left behind, suggests that there has not been only occasional visits -
but that many people have lived here over a long  period of time.


Probably there were plenty of deer and grouse that lured them into the mountains.
Also later hunting and fishing have meant a lot for the mountain people, something the many stone arches in the area witnesses,
such as old Bessobu near present-day tourist lodge.


In 1934, trackers started to take notice of Hardangervidda, and Margaret and John Sæbø Besso built Besso tourist lodge,
which has since been extended and modernized several times.


From 1994 to 2006 Aud Laingen Hamre rented cabin and ran the place with the help of her brother Sylfest,
Knut and children Anna, Bjørner and Ingeborg - in addition to numerous other helpers, including some faithful milkmaids.

In 2006, Besso got new owners, Odd Anders Fjeld and Andreas Finsrud from Siljan, bought the place and rented out the operation to Sylfest Laingen from 2006 thru 2012.
the summer of 2013 Fjeld and Finsrud has runned the cabin themselves.